About us

Woodfair is a company with almost 30 years experience manufacturing high quality sculptures, decorative items, nativity sets, folkloric figures from the three regions of Peru (Coast, Mountain and Jungle), animals, birds, fish, trees, religious, marine life, St. Valentine, cats, dogs, etc., handmade from Peruvians hardwoods. We handcraft WOODFLAIR Works of Art piece by piece using a technique that is unique and which was developed by John Barrow, a British Peruvian engineer based in Peru, who uses his art and technical expertise to design and produce his pieces, together with his wife Martha Garcia de Barrow and daughter Maritza Barrow de Bettocchi.

Each Work of Art forms a dramatic jigsaw puzzle with dozens of unique pieces resulting in a harmonious and pleasant object for decoration and collection. This set of pieces, made one at a time, begins with the selection of the wood, its preparation, the cutting always follows a position of the vein; the sanding, the rounding of the edges, the painting, and the gluing are all done by hand. The process is completed with a rigorous quality control that makes each work unique and exclusive. For these reasons they are appreciated by select consumers in many parts of the world.

The woods used come from the Amazon rainforest but are not those classed as endangered. The materials used for painting, finishing and the adhesives are water based and environmentally friendly.

The result is a product that is the only one of this style on the Peruvian market, and a national Peruvian price winner. Apart from the attractive designs and beautiful colours, we pride ourselves in the quality, specially the perfect water-based non-toxic finish. We can apply this technique to make representative pieces of any culture, theme or object and can also develop special designs for companies interested in this kind of exclusivity for advertising and promotional purposes.

To generate employment requires investment and handicraft, as it is basically hand worked, requires the minimum investment per person employed of any industry.

Woodflair gives work to young people at risk of falling into bad habits or crime and who have no previous work experience. We train and pay them fair wages and assist them with lodgings and health insurance. The wood we use is not provided by illegal harvesting and in many cases is the excess material from other operations such as door making, tongued and grooved boards and veneer production. Woodflair is environmentally friendly!

  • Each Artwork is formed by a dramatic puzzle with dozens of unique and different from each other pieces ending in a harmonious and pleasant and decorative objects collection . This set of parts manufactured one by one from the wood selection , preparation - cutting that always reflects a position of the grain ; sanding the edges recess , painting and gluing are completely manual.

    Marta Garcia de Barrow - Artist & Sales Manager

  • As we do not use our large wooden pieces we can take advantage of certain residues left by manufacturers of doors and machimbrado and producers of veneering . When buying wood waste that would normally be discarded , we use the maximum of the felled tree. However we should mention that all this wood is selected through a rigorous inspection from us. Woodflair is green.

    Marta Garcia de Barrow - Artist & Sales Manager